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Australian Depreciation Management is a quantity surveying firm that specialises in preparing tax depreciation schedules for residential and commercial property.

ADM is committed to the most accurate and effective use of property depreciation. Using a concise ordering and information gathering system, combined with our comprehensive inspection and analysis we are able to identify all of the legitimate property tax deductions

Australian Depreciation Management Service Includes:

  1. Inspection of the total property and common areas by a tax depreciation specialist
  2. Analysis of the original building, and inclusion of all pre and post renovations/extensions
  3. Identification of all plant items, which depreciate at a higher % rate
  4. Inclusion of furniture and post purchase asset expenditure
  5. Inclusion of Repairs and Maintenance and Scrapping Schedules
  6. A multi page tax depreciation schedule for the life of the property
  7. Diminishing value and prime costs methods of depreciation
  8. Depreciation Schedules are emailed promptly after inspection and also available online to re-download
  9. A complete money back guarantee on our service
Depreciation On Investment Property

ADM Property Depreciation Schedule

  • Both prime and diminishing value methods of depreciation
  • Immediate write off assets
  • Low value pooled assets
  • Capital work deductions
  • Structural improvements
  • Furniture and furniture packages
  • Common property assets
  • Scrapping Schedules
ADM depreciation on property schedule, investment property depreciation schedule.

ADM Post Purchase Addendum Depreciation Schedule

(Assets which are purchased by the investor after settlement, not part of the original purchase)

  • Prime cost asset depreciation
  • Diminishing value depreciation
  • Immediate write off assets
  • Low value pooling assets
  • Furniture and furniture packages
  • Capital works depreciation
  • Repairs and maintenance schedule
  • Scrapping Schedules
Post purchase addendum commercial property schedule.
Australian Depreciation Management
Specialists in property tax depreciation
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