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Investing in property can be a very emotional time for most people. When you are dealing with family, future and the possibility of your financial freedom, it can be a very confronting, confusing and daunting time but also very exciting. We understand the process and how important it is to our clients to maximise the returns on their investment.

“Your investment is our investment, and we are here to communicate our specialised industry knowledge to bring simplicity and transparency to our clients.”

ADM are innovative experts in the field of Quantity Surveying and tax depreciation. We provide a competitive product, with excellent customer service. It is our mission at ADM to establish and sustain productive relationships both professionally and personally.

At ADM we deal in numbers but never think you are one of them. You are more than just a number. We want your investment property to give you the maximum returns possible. It is our job at ADM to ensure our clients receive their return efficiently and with priority.

ADM is the beginning of a NEW family company with renewed ideas and visions for the future of tax depreciation and quantity surveying services. We will be able to achieve our goals by our professionalism and our commitment to the advancement of technology relative to our industry and our clients.

We assure our clients that we have all the necessary accreditations and qualifications. ADM is also one of the only Tax Depreciation companies in the country that employs a qualified Quantity Surveyor. We understand that peace of mind is paramount when dealing with your investment property.

ADM is here to bring understanding to the challenges that comes with investing in property. The ADM family are here to maintain the excitement and joy that property investment can bring to our clients. Let us answer your questions and queries. We are here to listen and answer any and all questions with the confidence and understanding that only experts in our industry can field.

We see your property investment as a business. It is our job to assist in maximising YOUR business’ depreciation return potential. We want to ensure that you receive all the tax deductions possible. This will give you the peace of mind that your ‘business’ is working for you. Every dollar counts and we take our job at looking after your investment very seriously.

There is much confusion when it comes to tax deductions in relation to property investment. Let ADM ease your confusion. You will be taking a very productive step toward maximising the return potential on your property venture.

We are a family at ADM… Come join our family!….

The ADM Difference

At ADM, you are dealing directly with a qualified quantity surveyor and tax agent that calculates the depreciation entitlements. This is a benefit to the accountant and to our clients. There is a plethora of different calculations that need to be applied to a standard depreciation schedule and in most cases each job is specific and individual. It is not a standard calculation. Consumers are sold a product that offers a range of services specifically tailored to the accounts and clients needs.

Example: An Accountant or financial advisor may not entirely be clear if claiming depreciation may be of benefit to the client, as it may not be their area of expertise. At ADM it is our professional obligation as experts in our field to translate our specific industry proficiency to achieve the utmost deductions for our clients. Our goal is always to provide the best outcome possible. We are a result driven company and our client’s needs are always a priority.

Tax depreciation is such a niche market. There are many people who do not understand what they are purchasing. It is very rare that people buy one product and then buy another to compare. The ADM family are equipped to field any questions or concerns that our clients might have. Whether it is the turn around time to receiving their schedule or if they are still eligible to procure a schedule regardless of the purchase date. ADM is able to answer queries and update case files within the day and return to our clients. It is an ADM priority to provide our clients with efficiency and transparency with regards to tax legislation and entitlements. Our online system enables users to access their individually tailored depreciation schedules and property information anytime day or night.

Our main competitors have saturated, what is a very small industry. ADM offer options and transparency. We have designed a product that integrates an advanced technology system and personal communication. ADM is a family company that believes that every client is worth their weight. We will not deflect or refer queries. You are not just a number. If you have a question we will answer it. This is the ADM satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied then neither are we.

Our Family

Liam Hannah BAppSc (Quantity Surveying) and Managing Director

I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor and a registered tax agent. I have been involved in the preparation of property tax depreciation schedules since 1998.

Quantity surveying was not my childhood dream job. It was an accidental but pleasant surprise. My family were the initial driving force behind my choice to study Quantity Surveying. Whilst I am no longer attached my family’s business, I have continued on my own path in the industry. And the inception of ADM was born 17 years later.

I have always had a passion for structural construction, architecture and the comprehension of systems. I have found that my interest in reconstructing frameworks and building a new process to best enhance the emerging technology will only improve our product and service within the industry.

In my earlier years, I was involved in modifying and designing several systems that spread over many categories. These ventures proved to be financially beneficial and the beginning of my curiosity to structural methodology. I was always looking for procedures to modify the current systems to increase productivity with positive results.

During my university study, I was able to apply this skill set to my growing interest in an industry that was once an enigma to me. I was excited at my new found interest in the construction industry. I was fortunate enough to work on a range of construction projects including the erection of many large sophisticated superstructures as well as basic home developments. It was my responsibility to manage the employees. Whilst I was in this capacity, it was the team aspect of the job that exposed me to the necessity of a good system.

I was maturing into a consultant, which is where I am now. I found I was able to translate and implement technology for the user and create platforms for this very niche industry. These new and exciting systems that we have designed, will increase efficiency, productivity and transparency for our clients.

I have devoted much of my adult life learning and understanding the property tax legislation and designing systems to improve how our clients understand and can utilise this new tool to increase cash flow. I saw an opportunity to build a system that could assist professionals and clients within he industry.

My goal has always been to be a sustainable business. A business that brings balance and prosperity to my own life and those who are part of the ADM family.

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